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Meet Dr. Roger Garcia, D.O.

@nameAndTitleDr. Roger Garcia, D.O. is the Medical Director of Perfected Wellness MD and owner of BodyLogicMD of Columbus/Dublin. As long as Dr. Garcia can remember, he wanted to become a physician. At a young age, he had an innate desire to help people, and that passion grew with age.

In 1983, Dr. Garcia graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He has grown into a prominent role serving as Director of Emergency Department at Bellevue Hospital and appointed Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Ohio University. He also is the President of Great Lakes Emergency Physicians, Inc. – an ER and urgent care development company. Medicine hasn’t come without frustration. While practicing conventional medicine, Dr. Garcia saw people return to the ER and felt he was not helping patients gain health.  Seeking a revitalization, Dr. Garcia graduated from Capital University Law School in 1996 with the intent of leaving medicine. It was at that time that he discovered functional medicine.

Dr. Garcia believes that humanity is born to enjoy the blessings of a long life, and wellness is found in the connection of mind, body, and spirit. His holistic approach allows him to identify and treat the root cause of illness and prevent disease from forming. Dr. Garcia incorporates integrative therapies, such as tailored nutrition and fitness regimens, pharmaceutical-grade supplementation, stress reduction practices, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to help patients live a higher quality of life.

In 2010, Dr. Garcia wrote “Aged to Perfection,” a wellness book aimed at prioritizing optimal health in the golden years. He was also featured in “North America’s Top Doctors-Share Secrets to Anti-Aging & Wellness,” in 2011. book-pic

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August 13, 2019

The Benefits of Compounded Hormones Can Enhance Menopause and Andropause Treatment

Standardized pharmaceuticals transform and save lives every day. Their role is so central in our lives that it is easy to forget just how powerful these medications can be, whether […]

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