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Aged to Perfection



Age well. Age to perfection.

In 2010, Dr. Roger Garcia authored an anti-aging publication, “Aged to Perfection” that received national attention in the integrative and functional medicine world, and even by Suzanne Somers herself. In his book, he invites readers to ask themselves, “Do you long for the mental and physical stamina of youth? Is your retirement fund swelling while fading vitality threatens the fruits of your labor? Will your future be walking the vineyards of Italy, or will your strength only stretch to a quiet bottle of vino? If you dream of restoring your sense of adventure and passion, then this book is your wake-up call.”

Dr. Garcia is a certified anti-aging specialist who has spent the majority of his career developing the ultimate treatment plan that physicians want for their patients; the route to a future of vibrant health and longevity. Despite his extensive knowledge, Dr. Garcia’s humility, compassion and openness set him apart as a first-class healer. With simple language and inspirational examples, he explains important breakthroughs in age-delaying treatment, embracing naturally safe, bioidentical hormones, optimal nutrition, efficient exercise, healthy relationships and powerful attitudes. However, more significantly, he explains how taking action in every area can immensely amplify the outcome and actually reduce age-related symptoms. Dr. Garcia’s approach is founded using bioidentical hormones, which are safe, plant-based supplements and prescriptions that are molecularly identical to human hormones, to revitalize what age and aged-to-perfectionenvironmental or lifestyle factors have destroyed. Dr. Garcia demonstrates how they help to steadily rebalance the body, healing its complex systems and turning back our biological clock for more energetic, youthful vitality. Wealth without health is worthless. Age well. Age to perfection.





July 18, 2019

What Is the Best Treatment for Menopausal Depression?

Menopause can be a difficult time. Intrusive symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, painful sex, and sleep problems can create physical discomfort and emotional distress. Meanwhile, the transition out of […]

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