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Could Your Hormones Be Causing Your Constipation?

Published January 5, 2018

If you’re not in tune with your monthly cycle, you might not know that the occasional bout of constipation you suffer from is anything but random. Many women experience constipation on a semi-regular basis and keep constipation medication around, just in case. The truth is that if you are in touch with your body and your cycles, you can better know when to expect the occurrence of constipation. Many women tend to become constipated during the second half of their cycle, along with other PMS-related symptoms. PMS-related constipation doesn’t have to be treated with drugs that can overcompensate or leave you in constant need of a nearby restroom. Instead, you can try gentler options that can get your system back on track. There are several healthy practices you can implement to avoid PMS-related constipation and other hormonal issues that you may not be aware of. Read more…



March 17, 2018

Saying No to No-Calorie Sweeteners

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you probably know that giving up sweets such as cookies, candies, or even sodas can be one of the most challenging parts of […]

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