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Low T? Could It Be Hypogonadism?

Published June 18, 2018

If you’ve never heard of hypogonadism, you’re not alone. However, you’ve probably heard of low T, which is a deficiency of the sex hormone testosterone. That’s what hypogonadism is, although it’s different from the mid-life condition called andropause, or male menopause. Like menopause in women, andropause happens in mid-life and is age-related. Hypogonadism may happen in younger men who, for a variety of reasons, simply don’t produce enough testosterone. And it can be a big deal. Testosterone affects many aspects of a man’s life―and not having enough of it can have profound consequences. The ability to perform sexually, of course, can be compromised, which can affect everything from self-esteem to relationships. But it also affects a man’s body, sapping muscle tone, energy, and stamina. And, unless testosterone is restored, it may weaken bones, make having children difficult, and cause irritability and hard-to-treat depression. However, research shows there are effective ways to treat this condition. Read more…



October 19, 2018

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