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Making Some Changes Can Put the Fun Back in Fitness

Published August 16, 2018

If fitness has become a chore, maybe it’s time for a change. How did you stay fit during the winter months? Did you log hours on the treadmill in your basement, all alone? Did you and your exercise DVDs team up for lonely sessions on your living room floor? Sometimes trying to remain motivated to stay in shape can seem like isolated, companionless drudgery. And what about your children? Cold weather can discourage participation in active, outdoor sports, and moving their tablet around with them from room to room is about as much exercise as some kids get. Spring and summer, though, open up new opportunities, not only to enjoy being outdoors, spending time in the sun and soaking up some vitamin D, but to spend quality time with your family and simultaneously improve your overall state of fitness. All it takes is a little creative planning. Read more…



June 21, 2019

Being There: How to Support Your Partner During Menopause

It’s easy to be a partner during easy times. That’s a simple statement, but being long-term partners with someone is sometimes relatively straightforward. Things are normal, and you both know […]

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