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New Research Supports Your Caffeine Habit

Published September 14, 2018

Coffee brewing is a familiar scent for many people, and is usually the first aroma of the day. For decades, coffee has been a mainstay in the average American’s daily life. From a cup or two in the morning to jump start the day, to a cup or two in the afternoon to beat the midafternoon slump, coffee has found its place at home, at work, and on the go. Health experts have long questioned whether regular coffee drinking is good for your health, but new research shows another favorable slant toward keeping up the habit. In a recent study, participants who regularly drank the caffeinated beverage had lower overall levels of inflammation in the body. While more research is needed, this positive step helps solidify the debate that continued coffee consumption may show more benefits than cons for the body, in both the short and long term. Read more…



March 17, 2019

Liquid and Other Supplements: Everything You Should Know

herbal pills in wooden spoon and dropper with ginger root, Kaffir lime fruit and basil flower on wood background with copy space. Above view. If you’ve been thinking about taking […]

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