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Protect Your Body From Aging

Published October 12, 2018

If you’re someone who loves to hit the gym, then you might have already suspected what a recent study has found out about exercise—it can help keep your body young. That’s right, while you might love exercising to keep yourself looking good, to keep yourself feeling good, to keep your immune system strong, to improve your sleep, and even to extend your life, you might also be happy to learn that you may also be protecting your body from the negative effects of aging. Researchers have found that this is particularly true of high-intensity interval training, which increases the activity of mitochondria and the function of ribosomes, which are key players in energy production and the ability to retain muscle mass. Even better news is that the older you are, the more you may benefit from the anti-aging effects of this type of exercise. Read more…



October 19, 2018

Why Is Depression More Common in Women?

A long bout of depression is one of the most difficult ordeals for a person to live through, and unfortunately, for about half of the population, it is especially common […]

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