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Priapus Shot® For Men

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is the term coined for problems during any phase of the sexual response cycle that inhibits the individual (or couple) from experiencing satisfaction during sexual activity. There are four stages of the sexual response cycle; excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

Sexual dysfunction is a common disorder in adults, and research shows that 31% of men report some degree of difficulty achieving orgasm. Sexual disorders can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but luckily most cases are treatable, and Dr. Roger Garcia and his staff at Perfected Wellness MD are here to help.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

Causes of sexual dysfunction can vary depending on the individual, but physical and psychological conditions have been linked as a culprit.

Physical and medical conditions such as diabetes, heart and vascular disease, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, and chronic illness such as kidney and/or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse have been known to cause sexual dysfunction. Certain medications including antidepressants can cause side effects that influence sexual desire and function as well.

The causes of sexual dysfunction are not only physical attributes. Day to day struggles of anxiety and work-related stress can also present issues in the bedroom. Furthermore, relationship problems, depression, past sexual trauma, feelings of guilt, and mental concern of sexual performance can cause insecurities leading to intimacy issues.

What is the P-Shot?

The Priapus Shot® (also referred to as the P-Shot) is a truly revolutionary service for men living with sexual dysfunction. This state of the art therapy has helped thousands of men increase their sexual pleasure while providing psychological confidence in their sex life. The P-Shot is an affordable procedure that leads to more satisfying sexual experiences, and men have reported stronger erections and an increased sensation.

centrifugeThe P-Shot is minimally invasive and less traumatic than other penile injections on the market. This procedure utilizes the body’s natural healing process by receiving an injection of platelet-rich
(PRP), which is collected from the patient’s blood source. Best of all, there is no down time with the P-Shot, and the effects are relatively long-lasting with most patients not returning for up to twelve months.

The Priapus Shot® encourages natural blood flow to the penis leading to erection and enhanced sexual experiences by using growth factors derived from the patient’s blood to rejuvenate the penile tissue. The process begins by drawing a small sample of the patients’ blood and then separating the plasma with a special centrifuge. Once separated, a topical cream is applied to numb the injection site, and the injection is relatively pain-free.


Benefits of the P-Shot

Every man’s experience is unique, but the Priapus Shot has reported positive benefits such as:


Before every procedure, Dr. Garcia will thoroughly explain the process and benefits yielded to determine if this is the right therapy needed. Contact Dr. Garcia and his staff at Perfected Wellness MD today to schedule your consultation!



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