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RG3: Brain Boost

RG3 Boost Brain Function and enhance mental clarity concentration brain fog and help boost brain functionConventional medicine has had us believing that once neurons in the brain suffer damage, there is no possibility of restoration or repair. Damage to these neurons can occur from toxic contamination, traumatic brain injury or just the natural aging process. Fortunately, with the help of RG3, those struggling with the repercussions of these damages may finally get the boost they need to improve the cognitive functions that have been affected by neurodegeneration.

What is Neurodegeneration?

Defined as “the degeneration of the nervous system, especially of the neurons in the brain,” neurodegeneration is the term used to describe the scope of problems that primarily affect the brain’s neurons.

Neurons are specialized cells within the nervous system that are responsible for transmitting vital information to other nerve cells, muscle or gland cells. As neurons become damaged and die, concerning issues with mental functions begin to surface that could eventually lead to severely debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

With neurodegenerative conditions on the rise, the development of RG3 nasal spray could make a significant difference in many lives.

RG3: The Power of Panax Ginseng

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Panax Ginseng is used as a customary tonic for overall general health. RG3, a derivative of the Asian plant, has been found to have neuroprotective qualities providing some essential support for healthy brain function in adults. RG3 works to protect neurons against damage from inflammation and oxidative stress. In doing so, it can enhance mental focus and increase mental clarity.

The compounded nasal spray RG3 may also help the creation of new neurons, which was originally also thought to be impossible. This innovative treatment option is aimed to help individuals which recurring brain fog, difficulty concentrating and even those living with traumatic brain injuries and many other health issues affecting their cognitive abilities.

Benefits of RG3

Some of the possible health benefits you may see from the use of RG3 are:


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