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Detoxification, Weight Loss & Nutrition

NutritionProper nourishment is the cornerstone of a healthy body, but it can get complicated knowing what, when, and how to eat. This confusion has left thousands of Americans stressed and struggling with managing their weight, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, toxicity, and food sensitivities.

At Perfected Wellness MD, Dr. Roger Garcia specializes in unraveling the vagueness of healthy, balanced eating. Losing weight and reclaiming control of your health with a sensible diet is straightforward with expert help. Dr. Garcia will work with you to develop a nutritional strategy that balances with your lifestyle to achieve results and optimal health.

Identification and Detoxification

Whether you want to lose unwanted pounds or increase performance—detoxification is the first step in any all-inclusive nutrition plan. You are exposed to toxic elements from air pollution and secondhand smoke daily to dangerous molecules in domestic products and plastic water bottles—more than 3 billion pounds of contaminated chemicals are discharged into the environment every year. These harmful chemicals can gather in your body and keep you feeling lousy, not to mention contribute to hormonal imbalances and increase your risk of disease.

Dr. Garcia can help identify foods that may be triggering a feeling of sluggishness, weight gain, and may be slowing down your metabolism through advanced diagnostic testing.

If you are ready to change your life with professional care from a highly trained physician who specializes in integrative medicine and nutritional guidance, contact Dr. Garcia today! At Perfected Wellness MD in Columbus, OH, Dr. Garcia can aid in weight loss, maximizing performance, or simply feeling the best you can. Dr. Roger Garcia is among the top physicians in Columbus certified to help you accomplish your health goals, including tackling nutritional deficiencies and weight loss troubles. Begin your journey today, contact Perfected Wellness MD to schedule your first appointment.



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